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Design Right Registration In Chennai A Design refer to creative activity which result in the ornamental or formal appearance of a product and design right refers to a novel or original design that is accorded to the proprietor of a validly registered design. Industrial designs are an element of intellectual property. The essential purpose of design law it to promote and protect the design element of industrial production. It is also intended to promote innovative activity in the field of industries. The existing legislation on industrial designs in India is contained in the New Designs Act, 2000 and this Act will serve its purpose well in the rapid changes in technology and international developments. BENEFITS OF DESIGN RIGHT The registration of a design confers upon the registered proprietor the exclusive right to apply a design to the article in the class in which the design has been registered. A registered proprietor of the design is entitled to a better protection of his intellectual property who can sue for infringement, if his right is infringed by any person. Registered proprietor can license or sell his design as legal property for a consideration or royalty. STEPS TO REGISTER Initial level discussion between the Entrepreneur and FirstMan team. Ascertaining documents required and availability. Preparation and signing of documents. Find out the registration existence before proceed for registration. The availability is successful, sending the power of attorney document to the client. Received design documents from the client to be applied along with necessary forms. Intimate the acceptance and notification of the application to the client.
MSME (SSI) Registration In Chennai Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises - The Engine of inclusive growth & development The registration under Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Development (MSMED) Act, 2006 is for facilitating the promotion and development and enhancing the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium enterprises. What are Micro, Small and Medium enterprises? The following slabs have been prescribed under the MSMED Act to determine the status of the Enterprise: No Type of Enterprise Manufacturing Industry(Investment in Plant and Machinery) Service Industry(Investment in Equipment’s) 1 Micro Does not exceed Rs. 25 Lac Does not exceed Rs. 10 Lac 2 Small Exceeds Rs. 25 Lac but does not exceed Rs. 5 Crore Exceeds Rs. 10 Lac but does not exceed Rs. 2 Crore 3 Medium Exceeds Rs. 5 Crore but does not exceed Rs. 10 Crore Exceeds Rs. 2 Crore but does not exceed Rs. 5 Crore Provisional Registration: Provisional registration is granted to a unit at its pre- investment period to enable it to take necessary steps to apply for financial credit, land or an industrial set, water, power or telephone connections, etc. Permanent / Final Registration: A provisionally registered industrial unit when it is about to go into production is to apply for grant of Permanent / Final Registration. An existing and functioning industrial unit is eligible to apply for Permanent / Final Registration without going into provisional registration processes.